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Magic Halo




Frank Warnock has been an advocate for walking, bicycling, and wildlife conservation his entire adult life. As a Technical Specialist by trade, Frank has put his skills to work in order to assist other bird feeding enthusiasts. First was producing a 20" version of the "Magic Halo", a device designed to deter non-native House Sparrows (HOSP). Other products are in the works, including a caged "Hopper" style feeder to guard against commuter birds (Blackbirds, Starlings) during flyover events. 

Some of Frank's favorite affiliations over 35 years include the Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey, NY/NJ Trail Conference, White Clay Bicycle Club (DE), Rails to Trails Conservancy, Wetlands Institute (NJ), Delaware Nature Society, etc.

I hope you find these products very effective in your endeavor to efficiently feed native American birds to the exclusion of non-native HOSP, Starlings, etc. We must work together toward a more resilient natural world.

The Problem


The House Sparrow (HOSP) is one of two birds in North America that are non-native and not protected by Federal Law.  The other bird is the European Starling (EUST).  Both species of birds were introduced to our continent and remain today predators to our native birds and are territorial, aggressive, and take cavities away from our native nesters, including Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, Chickadees, and others.  The House Sparrow attacks our native species, including incubating females and their eggs, nestlings, and will kill and build a nest over the corpses of our native species. 

Given such widespread misery, the need to eliminate HOSP  from both houses and feeders cannot be understated. The Magic Halo is probably the most effective tool for the job, having been invented and patented by the University of Nebraska. When used in conjunction with a bird feeder, studies have shown that it will deter 80-100% of adult HOSP with little to no effect on native species. 

What To Expect


Please read our brief disclaimer. Like everything else in the birding world,  your results may vary depending on where you live, your latitude and climate, the time of year, level of infestation etc. We offer optional accessories, including extra weighted wires to help improve performance, if necessary. 

If you find that HOSP are still a chronic problem at your feeder despite the Magic Halo, make sure and read our User's Guide on the Tips & Troubleshooting page first before drawing any conclusions. Also note that some juvenile HOSP may not be deterred, having not yet learned the "danger" of the hanging wires (fortunately, these are relatively few). We will work with you until results are achieved or we'll refund the cost of the Halo (shipping not included). Before you buy, we suggest you read about it in depth on Feeder Watch.

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